A. J. Matsuura, the CEO of EFM Capital Partners provides consulting services to business owners of privately held companies seeking independent, objective advice on developing an exit or restructuring  plan to maximize enterprise value.  With over 25 years of experience in M&A, restructuring and private equity investing, a  business owner will learn the importance of viewing his or her business as a financial asset whose value can be maximized with a systematic, comprehensive plan implemented over time. 

The following are examples of typical engagement services:

  • Assess the current market value of the company

  • Evaluate the key external factors influencing the company’s value such as its customers and industry growth potential, its competitive advantages and disadvantages, and its suppliers and supply chain relationships.

  • Evaluate the key internal factors influencing the company’s value such as its management team, financial control and reporting systems, planning and budgeting processes.

  • Provide business owner with a range of exit and/or restructuring options and strategies to maximize enterprise value.

  • Provide business owners with an outline of the process involved in executing each option.

  • Once a plan is chosen, provide the business owner with assistance and guidance in executing the plan.

  • Assist in the identification and selection of professionals to implement the plan such as tax and estate planning advisors, attorneys, investment bankers and/or accountants .